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How to wear and care for your lashes

Now that you have purchased your luxury lashes, let’s make sure you take care of them and maximise the applications you get. We don’t want you looking fabulous only once, we want you looking amazing at least 20 times from one box.


  • Always remove your lashes gently from the tray, preferably using tweezers, NEVER tug or pull from the lash, only handle from the band.
  • Fit your lashes to the base of your natural lash line, trim off any excess from corners (lash lengths may vary, you can trim to suit your own style)
  • Apply glue along the full length of the cotton band, allow the glue to become sticky before applying (usually about 5 -10 seconds is enough)
  • Apply the lashes to the base of your natural lash line, hold for a few seconds until firmly in place


  • Take a cotton bud, dip the bud in make up remover and apply along the cotton band. Allow the glue to soften.
  • Gently remove, pulling from the band, don't pull from the lash. If you feel resistance when trying to remove, repeat the step above and allow the glue to soften more.
  • Once removed, using the cotton bud, gently remove any excess glue from the band and gently wipe down your lashes to remove any excess dirt.
  • Always store your lashes back inside the protective case.


  • Can you curl the lashes - absolutely, our lashes are 100% faux mink, they will curl and hold just like natural human lashes, you can apply a curl as necessary.
  • Should I wash the lashes - No, we don't recommend it, excess water or harsh cleaning chemicals can affect the natural curl and feel of the lashes.
    A gentle wipe with a cotton bud is all that is required.
  • How long will the lashes last - with proper care and following the guidance above, your Sara Beauty Mink Lashes will last up to 25 applications.

If you experience issues with your lashes, then please email Customer Services -

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