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Tips & Advice about Strip Lashes

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Hey everyone, we noticed on social media that many people are not sure about the different styles currently available on the market. Many of you guys are chatting between yourselves, seeking an answer to the problems your trying to resolve.

Ok, lets clear a few things up. Lashes come in many variants, these include, material of lash, material of the band, lash lengths and depth of colour. 

By far, the most important variant to most people is the material used to make the lash. Lets be honest, we have all bought cheap lashes, you only need to look on Ebay and you will find lashes from £1, some even claiming to sell 100% 3D Mink for under £10 a pair !! These lashes are made from synthetic or cheap engineered materials, they will be heavier on the lash line, cause irritation in some cases, have a thick band (usually made from rubber or latex which can also be an allergenic) and finally, you will be lucky if they last more than 1 wear !

Sara Beauty London Lashes come in 2 styles, 100% 3D Faux Mink & 100% Standard Faux Mink. As you would expect from an established brand, our lashes are made from the highest quality materials, 100% animal product FREE, every pair handmade to perfection. So, lets address some of the problems you ladies experience,

"My False Lashes feel heavy on my Lid"

A common problem, and a concern we hear from our prospective customers. Basically, you have been wearing cheap synthetic material lashes that are heavy and feel unnatural when worn on the lash line. Our Mink Lashes are super light weight, and completely natural look and feel. The lashes are so light, many people forget they are even wearing false lashes. Our Lashes come in various styles and lengths to suit all tastes. The lashes are sterilized and hypoallergenic

"My eyes get irritated or bloodshot after wearing false lashes"

Cheaper lashes use materials that may cause irritation to some users. These lashes also use rubber and latex within the bands which some people are allergic to. They use these materials as they are cheap to produce, hence the cheap retail price !

Sara Beauty London only use natural materials, these are fully sterilized and hypoallergenic. 

"I cant wear false lashes as the band is too thick"

This is a big issue with many people who wear false lashes, It was a massive issue for my personally also, and a big factor in me sourcing my own lashes and setting up Sara Beauty London. Our bands are very thin, designed to sit as natural as possible on your natural lash line. We do not use rubber or later within the bands, instead opting for a cotton blend band which feels more comfortable to wear.

"My natural lashes are already damaged by long term wearing of false lashes"

I see this problem all the time, people whose natural lashes are bare looking, thinned out and very short. The simple answer is, you have been putting a poor quality material on your natural lash line, which over time, has pulled and deteriorated your natural lashes. Another big cause for this is individual lash extensions not being done properly. If you have poor condition natural lashes, any good MUA will know to only attach individual extensions to the healthiest lashes, thus allowing the weaker and damaged lashes to repair and regrow.

This is a massive advantage for quality, light weight strip lashes, you can have the glamorous look you desire with our strip lashes, but at the same time, your natural lashes are under no stress, and are free to grow and repair naturally. 

"The lashes I buy last only 1 wear and look tired if I wear them more than once"

You get what you pay for ladies, you buy cheap, you will get a cheap look and poor return on your investment. 

When sourcing a manufacturer for Sara Beauty London Lashes, this was on the top 3 of our requirements from the product. 

Our Luxury 3D Faux Mink lashes cost around £20 with P&P, for some people, this seems high, however our Mink lashes are designed to last 20-25 times. If you follow our guide to "Apply, Wear & Care", these luxury lashes will cost less than £1 per wear.

Our Standard Faux Mink lashes are designed to last 8 times, and with a RRP of around £5, that's less than £1 per wear.

£1, to look fabulous, glamourous and feel more confident with your look, I believe is good value for money, compared to buying a £2 product that you chuck in the bin after 1 time.

As always, we are here to help and guide people if you need any further advice, please drop us a message, we would love to hear from you. 

Bye for now, have a wonderful and glamorous day xxxx

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