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Get Natural with Faux Lashes

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For the days when we want to have drama lashes… without looking like we’re about to hit the dancefloor. The makeup used to cover up the lash line can detract from your beautiful flutter, and some days we don't have time for that.

Well we've tried a little hack and love it! You've probably seen the “You’re Doing It Wrong!” videos on applying lashes to UNDER your natural lashes instead of on top? Did you think the same as us – nah.


But ex burlesque dancer Trista Crass swears by it!

Here's a quick guide on how to apply.

1. Make sure you trim your lashes to fit your eyes. They come in one size so are definitely not going to fit everyone without a little snip.

2. Apply your glue and wait until it’s tacky. Don’t get impatient and think “It’ll be fine”. This instruction is here for a reason so you don’t end up with glue everywhere (yup, been there).

3. Line up the lashes with your own and attach below. They should stick to your lashes, not the waterline. Pinch together and hold to get a good bond.


Do you wear lashes under or on top of your naturals? Let us know your tips and tricks to day look natural faux lashes.


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