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Caring For Your Natural Lashes

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For all us lash wearers, sometimes it can take a toll on our natural lashes holding up the weight of the faux ones we use.

Here’s some of our favourite tips on how to keep your own lashes healthy!


  1. Moisturize! The signature move of every beauty regime, it works for your lashes too. Castor oil, almond oil or Vaseline can work wonders to condition dry or brittle lashes. The extra conditioning elements of Vaseline can make a noticeable difference on the growth.
  1. Choose the best Mascara. If your lashes are looking a little worse for wear, find a mascara with added vitamins to help them grow. Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System is perfect, or try Tarte’s Opening Act Lash Primer.


  1. Be kind. Avoid rubbing your eyes, it they keep itchy just pat them gently. Rubbing can lead to pulling and breaking of your lashes and we don’t want that! Also make sure you aren’t using eyelash curlers too regularly, these can strain and break your lashes.


  1. Eat your lashes longer. Remember to drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in proteins and vitamins C, E, H and B. These work wonders for your hair and lashes!


  1. Use the right glue. Some glues are made using harsh chemicals which can cause irritation or reactions on your lids and lashes. Look out for latex and paraben free glues like DUO or One True Lash.



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